Hidden Gems to Boost your business Efficiency

Can you find a 10% operational efficiency boost in your business?

Would getting 15% more done ease your staff shortages?

Are you using your existing IT systems to get the full benefit?

How do you make meaningful change happen?
Your business has many areas that are not as efficient as you would like:

Do you have too many clipboards and paper forms to be keyed into computers, maybe more than once?

Do you have too many end-of-day processes, that you would love to be live and real time?

Are you tolerating too many small mistakes in details that frustrates and slows your business?

Are you are thinking that you can’t afford the time to review and improve, and cant even consider any IT Investment?


Wednesday 8th September 2021
4:00pm to 5:30pm

***This session is for business owners / leaders who are keen to improve their businesses ***


WHAT IF, you were already were paying for the IT solutions to solve many of your efficiency challenges?
WHAT IF, with very small investment and a few days effort your team and business could be transformed?

WHAT IF, you just didn’t realise how much business solutions have developed in recent years, and you are missing a great opportunity with minimal effort and investment.

In a case study style, the session tells the story of John, a small business owner:

• Of the challenges in his business that were impacting his personal life

• His actions with some thought and low-cost, easy configurable everyday IT systems to change his business

• How to use systems he was already paying for but didn’t understand the power available to him

• The benefits he gained across his business with a small investment

Some solutions covered that helped John:

• Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 has 28 applications?
• Low-code/No-code solutions
• 3D Printing
• Tracking & Data Collection (IoT)
Where we help you uncover some the quick win efficiency gains for your business 


Noel Dillane

The Alternative Board Cork and Managing Director

Noel is a seasoned business director with senior leadership experience in Information Technology and Operations in FMCG beverage manufacturing (PepsiCo), manufacturing outsourcing (Banta Corp) and QA Management in the automotive electronics sector (Kostal). His early career was spent building hands-on functional skills in the ICT, Quality, Production and Operations Management side of businesses, servicing top-brand customers including Microsoft, Apple, HP and Dell.

Noel’s work included the setup and leadership of manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Japan. Throughout the following 20 years, as Vice-President of Information Services with Fortune 1000, Banta Corporation and IT Director with Fortune 100, PepsiCo he worked with business leaders to identify the key technology value-drivers and put in place teams, solutions and programmes that consistently delivered impactful business results.

Donagh Kiernan

The Alternative Board Cork & CEO Tenego Academy

Donagh is an International Software Sales Channel Development expert and an Advisor and Coach to Business Owners / CEOs

Donagh is Sales focussed, Entrepreneurial, Creative in Business Ideas and Business Development, Broad Network of Contacts in Business Community and Technology Sectors. Donagh has 30+ years of experience of technology development, sales and business ownership, investment and management. Starting as a Software Developer, he developed to business founder/owner/manager, Business development, sales and marketing of technology.

About The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board ® (TAB) is an exclusive membership organisation. Our Mission is for our members to have better lives by having better businesses.
TAB equips forward-thinking business leaders around the world to grow their business, increase their profitability and have better lives. TAB has ranked as number 1 in its category by Entrepreneur Inc Magazine for the past four years. Donagh owns and operates TAB in the Cork region.

The Alternative Board supports business owners on their journey to take their business to the next level through supportive advisory boards made up of other local business owners, expert strategic coaching, and our suite of world-class business tools.

But how are we different from a traditional business coach or consultant? They may concentrate on improving your sales, sorting out your Human Resources or assisting you with financial matters, but that’s where it often ends. At TAB, we’ll look at these too of course, but we’ll start with you, the business owner, as a person.

Our strategic coaching and mentoring sessions give you the critical 2% of your month to work on your business, not in your business. With the additional support of the TAB Business Builder’s Blueprint you will have everything you need to set, track and exceed your goals.
The Alternative Board currently helps business owners in 21 countries around the globe!
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